Libiąż was first mentioned in a document from 1238, where Klemens of Gryfit family bestowed it upon a Benedictine women monastery in Staniątki. 
An important event for the town was the creation of the parish Libiąż Wielki  and the funding ,by count Jan Wielopolski – owner of Bobrek,  in 1731 of a Transfiguration of Jesus wooden church.   
The train line between Kraków and Vienna, built in the 19th century, opened new opportunities for Libiąż; new jobs, new infrastructure, and facilitated the development of mining industry. 
Between 1860 and 1870 geological research in the area discovered large deposits of coal in Libiąż and Żarki. 
In 1905 – beginnings of the coal mine (later called Janina).
First years of the 20th century meant intensive economic and cultural development of the area. Building of the mine opened new possibilities for Libiąż which was granted town privileges in 1969.






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