Libiąż municipality lies in the western part of Małopolska voivodship in Chrzanów county, mid-way between Kraków and Katowice, near Oświęcim. The road infrastructure runs through the town; north-south route between Oświęcim and Chrzanów (a transit route used by government and foreign guests visiting Auschwitz) and a route between  Tychy, Chełmek, Alwernia - Kraków.

The A4 motorway (Kraków – Katowice) is around 8 minutes journey from Libiąż.

In the south-eastern part of Libiąż municipality lies the village Żarki, in the south – the village Gromiec. On the west, over the river Chechło, Libiąż borders with Babice municipality –  the Jura Reservation Area.

Libiąż Town is located near Kraków and Oświęcim, close to the tourist routes to Lipowiec castle, Czerna and Tenczynek.

Municipality area: 57,2 km2
Highest point: 337,2 m





Population of Libiąż municipality  reaches over 23,000, of which 77%  live in  town, remaining 16% in Żarki area  and Gromiec - 7%. In the last few years, there has been an  increase in number of births. Over 66% of the population is of  production age, making the area a very advantageous place for future investors able to capitalise on varied skill structure of its inhabitants. A well developed and comprehensive network of local education institutions as well as proximity to Kraków and Śląsk higher education institutions positively impact the education levels of Libiąż population.





The road network is constantly being developed and improved. There are two main routes; the north-south -  Oświęcim - Chrzanów and the Tychy - Chełmek - Alwernia – Kraków route. The A4 Kraków Katowice runs nearby. Libiąż has two petrol stations.





Kraków - route number A4, 53 km
Kraków - route number 780, 49 km
Katowice - route number A4, 48 km
Bielsko-Biała - route number 933, 47 km
Chrzanów - route number 933, 10 km
Trzebinia - route number 933, 15 km
Jaworzno - route number 933, 20 km
Tychy - route number 780, 29 km
Oświęcim - route number 780, 11 km





Through town, there runs a train line, which since 1847 has been a part of the Kraków – Vienna route. 15 km from Libiąż, in Trzebinia, an international east – west rail intersection (Lwów - Kraków - Trzebinia - Katowice – Berlin) is located.





There are two airports near Libiąż; Pyrzowice (60 km) and Balice (35 km). Libiąż town has its own a helipad.





40% the town and municipality area is covered by forests. These act as a natural barrier to the air pollution created by the industry. The local council takes issues of environmental protection seriously and a large part of the municipality's budget is used to finance the up-keeping of the town's green areas.


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