Two main cultural institutions in Libiąż are the Cultural Centre (LCK), active since 1995, and the Public Library. LCK mainly organises cultural events and promotes sports and leisure. It also coordinates actions and initiatives of other organisations aiming to fulfil the cultural, artistic and leisure needs of our community. The library promotes reading, not only by offering access to literature, but also by organising poetry readings, literature workshops, book promotions  and other events.   


LCK comprises of:


Cultural Centre Libiąż, Górnicza 1
Cultural Centre Żarki, ul. Klubowa 5
Day-Room in Gromiec, ul. Traugutta 3
Day-Room in Kosówki, ul. Wilcza
Art Gallery Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 1
Ale! Cinema Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 1
Gym Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 1
Basketball court, Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 1
Leisure Centre, Libiąż, ul. Piłsudskiego 10 (50m swimming pool, paddling pool, tennis courts, beach-volleyball area, asphalt sport field)
Indoor swimming pool 25 m (with sauna), Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 23


Sections at LCK:


Dance Studio„Flash”
Modelling Section
Acrobatics Section
Beach Volleyball Section
Amateur Artists Group Kanon
Choir “Canticorianie”
Dance and theatre troupe (DK Żarki)
Cabaret and music group(DK Żarki)
KGW Libiąż singers Libiążanki
KGW Żarki singers Macierzanki
KGW Gromiec singers Gromcaneczki
Folk Group „Wrzos”
Stamp Collectors Group


Town Library Units:


Main Library, Libiąż, ul. Górnicza 11
Library Branch in Żarki, ul. Klubowa 5
Library Branch in Gromiec, ul. Traugutta  3


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